Trial Lessons & Gifts

Are you looking for a
special present?

At Conington, we have flown with people to celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Retirement, Weddings, Exam results, Valentines, Mothers’ Day…… the list is endless. From nine to ninety – flying is for everybody with a spirit of adventure.

One of the most exciting presents you can give is the gift of flight. When you give a “Flying Club Conington” voucher, you give something that will never be forgotten – a huge sense of freedom and the chance to fly the aeroplane yourself!

Of course, you also get a fantastic view the local area for miles around and may even be able to fly over where you live if time permits. An experience of a lifetime!

Why not make the day of the flight a memorable family outing? Come and sit in our conservatory with a view over the airfield and wait for the smiling face to return from the sky!

Who can Fly?

Almost anybody can!

When you fly with an instructor, there are no specific age or fitness guidelines although you should be reasonably healthy, below 6ft 4ins in height and under 16 stones in weight.

The skill required to fly an aircraft is similar to the skill you need to drive a car. Often, the key to your success will be the quality of your instructor. Our instructors are chosen not only for their teaching skills but also, their enthusiasm for flying and their determination to share it with you.

How long is my flight?

You can choose between 4 different flight times:

Gift of Flight Flying Voucher 20 minutes     £68.00

Gift of Flight Flying Voucher 30 minutes     £99.00

Gift of Flight Flying Voucher 40 minutes     £130.00

Gift of Flight Flying Voucher 60 minutes     £195.00

Flying book £4.99

What is included in your flight?

A pre flight briefing, either in the aircraft or in the classroom where your instructor will explain how the aircraft controls work and how the flight will be conducted.

Your Flight starts when the engine starts and continues with your instructor showing you how to fly the aircraft. Then, with expert help, “It’s your turn” to fly the aeroplane. You’ll discover just how easy it is and experience how responsive the controls are with the guidance of your instructor. You can also enjoy a fantastic view of the local scenery and, if time permits fly close to where you live.

Your Post flight talk with your instructor is where you can chat about further training and ask any other questions that you have. You will also be presented with your certificate of flight to prove that you have flown an aircraft from Conington

simply give us a call on 01487 834 161 and we will get a voucher in the post to you by return. We will ask you the date you would like on the voucher, the name of the person who will fly and which flight you have chosen.

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