Piper Arrow G-BGKU climbs out from Conington

Night Rating

The night rating is not just for those people who intend to fly after dark!  It is also a useful back up for the day when the wind turns against you or you unexpectedly have to divert and you lose the daylight. Your night Qualification will give you the confidence to cope (& stay legal!) if darkness falls en route.

Why not activate that unused column in your log book labelled “Night”?  Come along on Thursday evenings and learn to fly in the dark. The sight of the lights sparkling all the way to the horizon on a cold, crisp winter night when you are snug in your aeroplane is really not to be missed.  If you would like to book the course, the flying involves night familiarisation, the circuit at night, dual night navigation, solo circuits, departure and re-join. This is in a minimum of 5 hours training. Again, if you would like to fly at night before you decide (or indeed just have a night flight with no obligation to pursue the rating) just book an instructor & the aeroplane of your choice for a Thursday evening slot and come flying.

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