IMC Rating

setgoalsIf you want to fly in conditions that are less than VMC, you will need an IMC rating. This is not just for those people who want to set out in poor weather, it is also a useful set of skills to acquire for those who would like to be able to fly in less than perfect conditions with the confidence that they could cope (& stay legal!) if conditions became worse en route. Instructors are available to teach this course during the week and at weekends so whatever your availability, we should be able to match it. We have several PPLs doing the IMC course at the moment – Must be something to do with the weather!

The IMC Rating is one of the most satisfying courses to complete and is an achievement to be proud of. As the name suggests, this course involves a new rating for your licence. It is taught to a syllabus laid down by the authority. It requires a minimum of 15 hours flying training & a fair amount of concentration! There is a flight test & a written exam to consider. Come & talk to us about it

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