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Don’t forget folks, on Thursday nights we are open in the evening- and this Thursday is QUIZ night! 7 pm start. Please come along if you can

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What a week! Thursday saw the 75th anniversary of the first 457th flight from Conington/ Glatton which we celebrated by toasting the brave 457th..

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Photos from Flying Club Conington's post

Dear All, February 21st marks the 75th anniversary of the first B17 mission flown from Glatton/Conington. This post, shared from Erwin de Mooij..

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Thanks Martin, I guess Cottesmore will be the closest to us- but it is well worth looking out for them- they have to get to Cottesmore from Marham!

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Stuck for that exciting Christmas gift? Bring a smile and order a flight voucher for your special person! Call 01487 834161 or check out flying-club-conington.co.uk…

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